Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long should my first appointment be?

The first appointment should be at least 45 minutes to an hour. Once a treatment plan is developed you can decide whether you need more or less time.

  • How often should I come for massage?

This all depends on why you are coming for massage. Different injuries require different treatment times, and that determines how often you should come. If exercise is integrated with Massage Therapy, treatment can be less such as once a month for maintenance.

  •   What do I wear for a massage therapy treatment?

This all depends on what is being treated. A patient usually wears an undergarment. If a patient decides not to wear an undergarment that is ok. The therapist has been highly trained in a technique called draping. When a patient is receiving a massage therapy treatment he/she is under a sheet. Draping is moving the sheet away from the body so an area can be treated. No area of the body is ever exposed unless it is being treated (example back, legs, arms).

  • What do I wear for a Thai massage?
Please wear stretchy and moveable clothing. Sweat pants, shorts, or yoga pants, and a t-shirt or tank top are appropriate attire for a Thai massage.
  • Is there music?

Yes there is music. In this clinic we provide a therapeutic and relaxing environment.

  • Is massage painful?

Massage shouldn't be painful. The therapist always works within the comfort level of the patient. There are techniques that can be uncomfortable but with patient consent they can be used.

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