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Phashan Llewellyn is now on maternity leave!  Erica Ambrose will be filling in for her in the clinic while she is away.  Enjoy!
We now have online booking!  Now you can book at your own convenience and not play phone tag with me!  To book an appointment online click the "online booking" tab in the upper right corner of the tab bar.  Enjoy!
Welcome Lynn Goodacre to Solace Massage Therapy!
We welcome Lynn Goodacre to Solace Massage Therapy!  Lynn is a caring and empathic therapist who has been practicing since 1985.  She was previously working in Sooke, BC.
Here is what Lynn has to say:
If you are looking for a caring and empathic Registered Massage Therapist you've come to the right place! Registered and practising since 1985, I offer relaxation as well as treatment-oriented massages. My clients are men and women of all ages, and kids too!
What makes my services a little different, apart from my 25+ years of experience, is that my sessions consist of a combination of massage therapy techniques and gentleacupressure points. My clients love how effective this combination is and how good they feel, both during the sessions and afterwards.
Here is what her patients have to say:
Lynn is genuinely interested in my total well-being.   From the moment I enter her studio to the time I have to leave, I trust that I’m in good hands.  Tension is replaced with relaxation.  Chaos is replaced with order.  Definitely a highlight of my week!  K.S.
I look forward to each appointment, and I leave feeling totally relaxed, nurtured and uplifted every time!  Thank you.  J.J.
Massages with Lynn are a total experience.  She combines her academic and technical knowledge with literally years of hands-on experience to promote and maintain my well-being.  Any areas of concern are discussed and, at times, referrals are suggested.  My body truly appreciates the firm yet loving care it receives under Lynn’s understanding and relaxing hands.  L.Z.
For more information about Lynn visit www.lynngoodacre.com

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