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At Solace Massage Therapy we offer health in the heart of downtown Victoria.  Registered Massage Therapy is part of our health care system and is beneficial in helping resolve chronic pain and discomfort.  RMT's provide an accurate assessment, differential diagnosis and prognosis of specific soft tissue and muscloskeletal conditions, acting upon the muscular, nervous and circulatory systems to improve health.  RMT's are primary health care providers.  You may have coverage through your extended health care plan.  We accept cash, cheque, debit & Visa

Phashan Llewellyn, RMT and Erica Ambrose, RMT

                                                                                                                                                        30 Minute Treatment $55

45 Minute Treatment $80
60 Minute Treatment $100
75 Minute Treatment $125
     90 MInute Treatment $145     
  120 Minute Treatment $200
Thai Massage 60 MInute $100 ~ 90 Minute $145
All Prices include GST ~ Gift Certificates Available
Registered massage therapists are primary health care providers.  You may have coverage through your extended health care plan or MSP.  We directly bill Blue Cross, Great West Life, Sunlife, Manilife, Chambers of Commerce, Desjardins Insurance, Greenshield and other extended insurance.





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