I am an RN and I have been going to Phashan for over 2 years and am willing to drive half an hour for my visits. Excellent practitioner with intelligent fingers. I have been to various RMTs including at spas and none compare. She doesn't just go through the motions mindlessly but is actually able to find those knots and points of tension and is able to work on them with enough pressure that I feel relief but not pain the next day. Have been to some RMTs where you hurt for days!!! She gives the best head massages I've ever had! She uses gentle and firm pressure at just the right times. Went to her 2-3 times a week during my last trimester of pregnancy. Although she didn't have a prenatal table at the time she used lots of pillows and I was surprised at how comfortable and enjoyable the massages were in a side lying position, quality was never compromised. I really did notice a big improvement in reducing the last trimester aches and pains with each visit. I always request a 90 minute head-toe-massage but have been to some practitioners who skimp out in the end and you can tell they're tired of being there. Phashan is consistently attentive at each visit and from the beginning to end of a long session. Highly professional. Uses hot towels on back. Massage room is very sound proof, you never hear voices from people next door (which is a common problem in some places I've been). She doesn't chat and let's you have a quiet experience if you wish. Very genuine person interested in your well being. She gives you a 1 hr free parking pass. Highly recommend her to all my friends. - Sam.I. 2010

  • I have been to four massage therapists in the five years since I moved to Victoria, and had almost given up on finding one that I really liked. Phashan is able to work out significant amounts of tension without the process being unnecessarily painful. When I leave her office I feel lighter and happier – this is a true gift considering how knotted my muscles usually are after weeks of working in front of a computer. If you can get an appointment with her, I highly recommend it - Terri D. 2010
Phashan is truly the best RMT around. I have been to several different locations to try and get that massage that is tailored to how I like it and finally found it! I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a massage in Victoria. - Rob. W, December 2012
  • Phashan is fantastic! She has been my RMT for the last 2 years and has given the sort of back pain relief that I though wouldn't be possible. Her clinic is clean and inviting with scents and sounds that evoke instant sense of relaxation. She has a professional yet friendly nature that really makes you feel welcome. You know Phashan loves what she does, that can really make all the difference. - Jennifer. P November 2012
 I look forward to each appointment, and I leave feeling totally relaxed, nurtured and uplifted every time!  Thank you.  J.J. 


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